Last Revision Date: October 2, 2009


Whereas, the members of the Remuda Quarter Horse Association having associated themselves together as a body cooperate, do hereby adopt the following by-laws for the conduct of its organization.  These by-laws are a revision and update of the previously approved RULES AND REGULATIONS.


To promote the quarter horse industry in West Texas.



Section 1:

The name of this organization shall be the REMUDA QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION.  (Hereafter referred to as RQHA) 

Section 2:

The principal place of business shall be at the address of the presiding secretary. 


 Section 1:

All the proceedings of the Association shall be in harmony with the policies and activities of the American Quarter Horse Association. 


Section 1:

Membership is good for one fiscal year, January 1 – December 31.  Membership shall be open to any reliable person, firm or corporation interested in promoting horses registered by the American Quarter Horse Association.  Any person, firm, or corporation having joined this Association shall thereby become subject to the rules and by-laws then in force or later adopted by the Association.

Section 2:

Members will be classified into 4 groups:

A.                FAMILY: Family memberships shall be husband, wife, and all unmarried children 18 years and under, (as determined by the AQHA standards).  Both husband and wife will have a vote during a general membership meeting, and the election of the Board of Directors.  Both husband and wife are eligible to hold office, and serve on committees.  Family membership fee is $35.00. 

B.         INDIVIDUAL:  Individual membership allows the person 1 vote during a general membership meeting, and the election of the Board of Directors.  Individual member is eligible to hold offices, or serve on committees.  Membership fee is $25.00. 

C.       YOUTH:  Any unmarried youth 18 years and under.  Youth are eligible to serve on committees, and have a voice at all meetings, but no vote.  Membership fee is $10.00. 

D.                CORPORATION OR FIRM: Any corporation or firm is allowed 1 vote during a general membership meeting, and the election of the Board of Directors.  Membership fee is $35.00. 

All members, while in good standing, shall have the usual rights, interests and responsibilities with respect to the association, and shall have the right to hold office, and committee assignments, except as otherwise limited. 

Section 3: Disciplinary Action

Any member may be suspended for any fraudulent practices, giving of bad checks for entry fees, or failure to pay funds owed to RQHA.  Every person who is suspended or otherwise disciplined by the American Quarter Horse Association shall be considered as suspended or disciplined by RQHA, upon official notice by the American Quarter Horse Association, of any such disciplinary action. 

Section 4: Complaints

Any complaints to the RQHA must be submitted in writing to the President, or any Board Member within 10 days of any RQHA sponsored event.  Complaint must be accompanied by a $100.00 non-refundable fee. 


 The Executive Committee will have the responsibilities of conducting all regular business of the RQHA Association.  Executive Committee will consist of all elected officers - President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Executive Committee will not have authority to over-ride the decisions of the Board of Directors, however with approval of Board, may act as “Board within the Board” and be empowered to act as the Board of Directors. 

Section 1: Board of Directors

The board will consist of eight (8) adult members, Honorary Vice President, and Directors at Large, in good standing with RQHA.  Each will have the responsibility of overseeing the association, representing the membership, and promoting good will within the community and membership.  Board members will be elected annually by the general membership.  A nominating committee, appointed by the President, will submit nominees to the general membership by December 31st.  Ballots will be mailed to all adult members who have paid their dues, and must be returned by mail, or hand delivered at the appointed time.  Board members will serve on a rotating basis.  Four (4) Board of Directors will be elected every year for a 2 year term.  The Board of Directors will have the authority to recommend changes of the By-Laws of the Association.  Proposed amendments are to be published 30 days prior to a final vote, in a general membership meeting.

Board of Directors should be actively involved in RQHA activities.  Any Board member missing three (3) consecutive meetings may be replaced.  In case of vacancy on the Board, the remaining Board members, by a majority, may vote in a successor from the alternates from the previous year, with potential time limits at the direction of the President.

In order for the Board to direct any business of RQHA, a quorum must be present.  Quorum consists of ¾ of the current elected Board of Directors and officers. 

Section 2: President

            The President may succeed himself/herself in the office.  Term consists of two (2) years.  The retiring President shall be a Director-At-Large for two (2) years.

            Duties: Chief Executive Officer of the Association, and shall preside at all meetings.  He/She shall see that all by-laws, rules and regulations are enforced, (with the assistance of the parliamentarian).  He/She shall be ex-officio of all committees.  The President, from time to time may create and empower other committees, general or special.  In emergency cases, the President may poll Board members for a vote or decision.  The president may execute a vote only in case of a tie. 

Section 3: Vice President

            Shall serve a two (2) year term, shall have a vote, and may succeed himself/herself in the office.

            Duties: In the absence of the President, the vice-president shall have the powers and shall perform the duties of the President.

Section 4: Secretary

            Shall serve a one (1) year term, have a vote, and may succeed himself/herself in the office.

            Duties: The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all membership and Board meetings.  He/She shall be the custodian of and responsible for the safekeeping of all documents and records of the Association.

 Section 5: Treasurer

            Shall serve a one (1) year term, have a vote and may succeed himself/herself.

            Duties: Shall be responsible for all monies that the Association collects, disperse the same only when itemized demand is presented.  He/She shall account for all of the itemized statements in detail at each meeting, or to the Board of Directors upon demand.  Funds shall be deposited in said bank and checks be honored for withdrawal of funds when signed by both President and Treasurer.  Audit of the Treasurer books shall be performed every six (6) months by independent committee, appointed by the President.

 Section 6: Parliamentarian

            Shall be an appointed office, by the President, and shall work only as advisor to the President and Board of Directors.  The parliamentarian, unless he/she holds other voting privilege, shall not have a Board of Director vote.

            Duties: Shall be familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order, and ALL RQHA By-Laws, and year end award rules.  He/She will be available to all members, officers, and Board Members on an advisory basis.


             General membership meetings will be held two times a year.  Notification of the general membership meeting will be in the newsletter 30 days prior to the meeting.  All members are encouraged to attend.  The floor will be open for recommendations and discussion by all.

            Board meetings are open to all members, and all members are encouraged to attend.  All members will have a voice however the Board of Directors will have the vote.  Board meetings will be held every other month, or at the discretion of the President.  The January meeting will include the installation of all officers, a general membership meeting, and the awards banquet.  (Banquet and general membership meeting, may be held at a later date, if all tabulations are not complete for the year end awards).